SHOP PAY is Now Available as a Payment Option

We are excited to announce our newest payment feature on the site, SHOP PAY.  SHOP PAY is a financial payment plan option that we now offer to help pay for your orders.  Now with orders over $50, you can select to pay for your order in installments of 4 interest-free payments.  It's free to use, and there are no added fees, ever.  And the best part is that there is no impact to your credit score.  This is all achieved in partnership with Affirm, the financial company.  This is a great feature when used correctly, just be sure to be prepared with enough funds to cover the pre agreed monthly installments for your order.  This is a great way to relieve a bit of pressure from your credit card limit, while still being able to purchase the Cake Items that you need to get your orders done.  

Providing a payment flexibility option like this is not for everyone, so please be responsible and choose your options wisely.  However, if you are using Caljava items for your business and have a predetermined profit to be made from your order, this is a great way to “make money with other people’s money.”  This gives you a slight edge in your business by freeing up some cashflow.

Here is a bit more information about SHOP PAY:

For any purchases of larger machinery that we offer, we do have a partnership with a local bank that can offer reasonable machine financing as well.  Please inquire if needed.

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