Ready-to-Pour Mirror Glaze

by Vizyon

Size: 17.6 fl oz. (500g)  |  Colors: Clear, Gold, Silver, Chocolate  |  Flavor: Neutral (Clear, Gold, Silver) or Chocolate (Chocolate only)

Decorate your cakes and desserts with the Ready-to-Pour Mirror Glaze.  A mirror glaze specially formulated to easily pour straight out of the bottle.  Achieve that glassy mirror glaze look on your cakes, simply pour and smooth out as needed.  Provides a spectacular crystal outer glaze to your fruits, tarts, danishes, pastry products & can even be poured on to cover cakes. It’s great for cheesecakes, mousse cakes, & birthday cakes.

Directions for Glazing:    Open bottle and turn upside down.  Then squeeze to begin pouring out Glaze directly on to your fruit, pastries, tarts, & cakes. Then with a brush or a spatula to achieve a smooth texture. It can also be colored beautifully with soft gel colors & even luster & petal dust colors.

Available in 4 different colors:

Neutral (Clear), Gold, Silver, Chocolate (Rich chocolate brown color with a delicious chocolate flavor)

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