Cake Supports During An Unstable Time

These past two plus years have been very tumultuous and unpredictable.  One of the major impacts that we have witnessed has affected the cake industry is the supply chain issues.  One area that we have noticed has been impacted greatly is in the supply of the trusty Cake Columns and Cake Plates.  As every cake decorator knows, in order to have stacked tiered cakes, study cake supports are a must.  The worst fate of any laborious cake, is it imploding due to improper cake stacking.  The most common Cake Columns and Cake Plates have been very difficult to find ample supply.  So to try and adjust around many of these inconveniences we have found a new source and replacement to the traditional cake column and plates.

We are excited to offer Easy-to-Use Cake Dowels perfect for stacking standard and heavy cake tiers.  These are extremely easy to use and trim to heigh simply using scissors.  No more cutting columns with a saw, and having all the plastic shards fly around everywhere.  Trim these to height like you would trim a straw.  And with dowel options of 12" and 16" there are dowels for any height of cake tier.  Shop all Easy Cake Dowels:

Cake Dowel

Cake Dowel

Cake Dowel

These are the perfect replacement to the traditional wooden dowels, and the classic cake columns and cake plates.  A combination of easy cake dowels and inexpensive cake boards make for a perfect cake support solution.  Shop all Easy Cake Dowels:

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