by Fondx

Easy-to-use Ganache by FondX, comes in a high temperature piping bag for easy heating and application.  Simply submerge the high temperature piping bag with Ganache in hot water, and allow to melt.  Once melted, the Ganache is ready to be poured or dipped with.

Our FondX professional ready-to-use Ganache great for several different uses with your desserts.  Ganache is a versatile chocolate glaze, icing, sauce, and/or filling for cake, truffles, and pastries often used in melted form or hardened form.  Ganache is great for dipping your cookies, biscotti, cake pops, fresh fruit, or as a poured chocolate glaze technique.  Ganache makes delicious layers, icing, sauce, fillings, glazes, and toppings on tarts, brownies, cakes, tiramisu, donuts, marshmallows, bars, cupcakes, cheesecakes, mousse, milkshakes, and lava cakes.

Comes in hardened form, ready to shave or scrape for chocolate shavings.  This Ganache has a flexible and workable body that is ready to be shaved with a potato peeler for thin chocolate shavings.  Or the Ganache can also be thinly shaved using a sharp knife for a different chocolate accent.

This Ganache is also ready-to-melt to be used in a more liquid chocolate form for pouring, glaze, sauce, or fillings for your cakes and desserts.  Simply warm in a double boiler or microwave.

Net Weight:  12 oz   |  Flavor:  Available in Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate.

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