• How to Avoid Getting Your Packages Stolen - Especially Your Cake Decorations

    Sneaky Package Theif

    It’s that time of the year again, the Holiday Season!  And with the holidays nearing, unfortunately there are more thefts of shipped packages from online shopping.  Last year some 23 million people said they have had packages stolen from their homes before they could open them (survey performed by insurancequotes.com).  Most commonly these thefts occur in the matter of seconds and in broad daylight.  Many examples report the thieves discretely following the delivery man as he drops off the packages at the door, and moments later the thief makes their move, one residential street at a time.  They are not picky in choosing which box to take, because to them any stolen good can be easily turned into $$$.

    It’s an ugly fact of today’s reality, but as we all begin to do more of our everyday shopping online, we will always be dependent on our packages arriving to us safely.  More importantly as a Cake Artist as yourself, when ordering important Cake Decorations & Supplies, sometimes you cannot afford to loose those packages because your cake is for tomorrow’s event!  So here are a few preventative measures that you can take to ensure that you get your packages safely.

    1. Have your packages shipped to your local FedEx, UPS, or USPS office or retailer.  They will receive and hold your packages safely until you come in with verified ID to collect them.  Many of these offices are open late as well.  This may be the safest option, simply look up the shipping address for your local shipping office. 
    2. Similarly, having a PO box at your local Post Office is a safe way to receive your packages.  They will hold your order safely until you collect.
    3. For an additional fee you can request Signature-Required Delivery.  This option makes your package able to be dropped off only upon your signature.   
    4. Having a front door webcam could help provide the proof to substantiate a theft.  This recorded evidence may help support your claim case to the merchants for credit cards.
    5. Most shipping companies provide concierge services which allow you to redirect a package at will.  This allows you to coordinate with your schedule best.

    There are a number of different ways that you can help prevent the possibility of having your packages stolen.  Please comment and share below if you have more suggestions.  It is important to create awareness of this problem, especially during the holidays.  We wouldn’t want that special Christmas gift to go missing right before Christmas day!

    Here are links to find your nearest FedEx, UPS, or USPS office or retailers:


      Posted by Alan Budiman
    • Winner: FondX Rolled Fondant Giveaway - November

      FondX Rolled Fondant Giveaway Winner | CaljavaOnline.com

      Congratulations to Cara from Highland Village, TX you are our November winner of a 12 color pack of 2 lb FondX Rolled Fondant.  Thank you to everyone who entered to win.  Don't give up hope yet, we will have another drawing next month.  If you have created a Caljava Account you are qualified to win next month.  If you are new to the site, please feel free to enter your email in the form down below and that will enter you in for the next giveaway of the 12 color pack of 2 lb FondX Rolled Fondant.  Good Luck!


      Posted by Alan Budiman
    • Removing Fondant from your Dummy Cake

      Dummy cakes are great for display and for practice, but after a while those dummy cakes start to add up and take up all of your available space.

      Here's a quick and easy way to remove the fondant from your cake dummy without damaging the integrity of it's shape.

      1. Cover your dummy with vegetable shortening as your "crumb coat."  The shortening will provide sufficient hold for your fondant.  This is the key in keeping the fondant easily removable
      2. After complete use of your dummy cake, and once you are ready to remove the the fondant and recycle your dummy, simply microwave your dummy (if possible) for only 5 seconds (any longer and the dummy will melt).  If the dummy size is larger than your microwave, a steamer will work as well to soften the fondant.
      3. To remove the fondant, flip the cake over and with a spatula or your fingers, carefully start to peel off the fondant from your foam dummy.  Pull away carefully so that you don't damage the shape of your dummy.
      4. Run the naked foam dummy under hot water and allow to dry before reusing it.
      5. Now you have a freshly recycled cake dummy to redecorate or practice with.


      Posted by Alan Budiman
    • Cake Expo 2016 - Del Mar, CA

      We had an awesome time in Del Mar this past weekend at the 2nd annual Cake Expo.  There were tons of cake enthusiasts who were excited to come by the booth.  We had the opportunity to make a lot of new friends and reconnect with many past friends as well.  Once again the Piping Gel Mirror Glaze was a huge hit at the show, couldn't keep the shelves stocked.  A huge thank you goes out to the show committee and all of it's volunteers.  Wonderful show.  Great turnout.  Looking forward to the next one.

      To learn more about Cake Expo: cake-expo.com

      Cake Expo 2016 - Del Mar, CA

      Posted by Alan Budiman
    • Savory & Sweet Cupcakes…Halloween Style

      It’s about that BOO-season time again and I really wanted to make something special this year. I’m over the cute ghost cookies and the happy pumpkin cupcakes. It’s time to get real here people, and I’m stepping up my prank game this Halloween. Cupcakes are always a big hit at parties and with kids. The moist cake, sweet and buttery icing, what’s not to love? This year I’m trying out a different cupcake topper. Something less sugary, more protein. Heck! I’d even say it would make this cupcake healthy.

      A few months ago at a food show a booth was passing out their snack product. I’ve seen these before but never had the guts to taste them. And to my surprise…they were so fun to eat! I introduce you to, Larvets and Crick-Ettes! You’ve guessed exactly right if you think those names describe a buggy delicious snack. They’re dehydrated and flavored larva and crickets. These little bugs are covered in different flavors like BBQ, Bacon and Cheese, Salt and Vinegar, and even chocolate. Still with me? I have to admit, these “snacks” didn’t taste like much, but they were so fun to eat and share! I brought them to work for everyone to try and some of my coworkers had to muster up all their might to eat it, especially the crickets. It felt a little bit like being on Fear Factor.

      Then it hit me like a zombie popping out of the darkest corner of the haunted maze, the perfect Halloween prank, a definite trick-or-treat. Classic chocolate cupcakes topped with a simple buttercream and our crunchy little friends. These cupcakes will be the talk of every party, some will oooh, some will ahhhh, and some will just give the dirtiest and grossed out look. But, wouldn’t that be a conversation starter?? I’m all about trying the weird and wacky and pushing my friends to do it as well. If you come across the bug snacks, I’d encourage you to give them a try. At the very least, freak your friends out by offering them some bugs like it’s no big deal.

      Posted by Meghan Budiman

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