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We offer a wide selection of the highest quality cake decorations and tools that make it possible for Cake Artists to achieve the most amazing & innovative cake designs by providing creative time-saving cake decorations and tools that help each cake remain profitable. is our online boutique for specialty cake decorations, tools, and ingredients. We specialize in being the largest source for "Sweet Inspiration" Ready-to-Use Gumpaste Sugarflowers & the origin of FondX Rolled Fondant Icing, FondX Fast Dry Edible Paint. We also provide Edible Fondant Cupcake Toppers, Gumpaste Leaves, Castle Cake Toppers, Rolled Fondant, Glam Ribbon Cake Wraps, Fondant Shoes & Purses, Fresh Fillings, Icing Tools, Stencils, Flavors, Food Colors, Dust Colors, Cake Supports, Cake Boxes, and much more.


Caljava International Inc. had it's start back in 1985, founded by Daniel and Laurie Budiman. It first began as a full line retail bakery in West Hills, California, selling treats such as breads, cookies, danishes and cakes. Then in 1989, Daniel and Laurie decided to make the transition into becoming a specialty cake business. Soon after, the bakery quickly became one of the most popular bakeries in Southern California.

The "Sweet Inspiration" was a name given to an original specialty cake design that was also known as the "White Chocolate Shaving, Wedding Cheese Cake." This design is what set the Daniel and Laurie's bakery apart from the rest and was responsible for the bakery's immediate fame.

After years of experience in the the bakery crafting specialty cakes for the rich and famous of Los Angeles, Daniel found a great need to have high quality, beautiful, hand crafted cake decorations readily available to decorate their large amounts of cake orders, specifically Gum Paste Sugar Flowers. He found that much of their decorator's time, attention, and energy were being placed in preparing the sugar decorations, which seemed to be an inefficient business model.

So in 1993, Caljava International focused its efforts to creating a full line of Ready-Made Gum Paste Flowers prepared and sold for immediate placement as cake decorations on all types of cakes. In 1995 all of Daniel and Laurie's bakeries were sold, and with their 10 years of experience and developments in the bakery industry, Daniel and Laurie focused their efforts in providing a product and a service that would help improve any bakery's designs and profitability. Through their hardships and learning experiences, they came to understand the value of time in a bakery. Time in a fast pace environment is the most valuable asset, especially in the bakery. Time to produce more cakes, time to spend with the brides, time to deliver properly, time for your own children and family, and most important for a business owner, time for yourself. Daniel and Laurie wanted to give back to the industry and with their unique products, they have indirectly developed "the gift of time."

Ready Made Gum Paste Flowers of all species and families make it possible for any decorator to decorate a cake in minutes while still meeting high design standards. The large amounts of time and labor previously dedicated towards creating edible sugar flowers and designs, may now be dedicated towards completing more cake orders while increasing profitability in the bakery.

Alongside the large success of Ready-Made Gum Paste Flowers, Caljava had also ventured into publishing their very own inspirational cake book, Here Comes The Cake. Publishing 3 different books compiled with the finest cakes from the top designers from all around the world, Here Comes The Cake was one of the first types of publications that focused only on providing high quality visual material of new inspirational ideas to cake decorators to help them remain competitive in the ever growing & changing industry of cake decorating.

Feeding off the same principle of maximizing time in the bakery workplace, Daniel and Laurie sought out to satisfy a new & growing need of a quality rolled fondant icing. 2004 marked the beginning of one of Caljava's most incredible achievements, the launch of FondX: The Fondant of Excellence. Since then, FondX has become the rolled fondant of choice amongst thousands of cake artists all around the world, and it's popularity continues to grow.

In 2005 Caljava had began another business venture to compliment their other efforts. Jan 4th, 2005 was the orientation of the first class of Caljava International's Academy of Cake Decorating. It was one of the very first schools of it's kind that hosted the world's best Cake Designers and Instructors, making their knowledge available for beginners and professionals alike. The school was traditionally a 3 day "boot camp" for cake in which all meals were provided, transport, tools, & materials were given, & hotel was made across the street. The student's only requirement was to arrive to the school safely. Throughout the years the Academy has hosted a sparkling roster of the most exciting Cake Instructors, and set the bar for all cake classes that followed.

Until today, Caljava continues to produce new innovative ideas in the industry of cake decorating. The past few years Caljava has introduced a number of innovative decorating products that have influenced the recent trends of cake art. Caljava has developed it's own brand of high end professional use FondX Rolled Fondant Icing.

We are also proud to announce our newest edible line of Royal Icing Toppers ready-to-use right out of the box perfect for decorating Chocolates, Candy, Cupcakes, Cookies, Cakes and more. Our Royal Icing Toppers are all artfully handpiped into detailed edible toppers. With a large variety of themed designs, there are toppers ready to use for Valentine's Day, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Graduation, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, Weddings, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Everyday, and other specific events.

As of recent Caljava also has begun to offer a wide variety of new cake items such as Fresh Fruit and Creme Fillings for Pies and cakes, Cake Stencils, Tall Cake Boxes, Highlighter Dusts, Edible Paints, Air Brushes, Fondant Sheeters, Dessert Packaging, Luxury Cake Stands, and much more. All of the items we offer are designed and curated to helping the cake decorating process faster while adding more value to the finished product.