NEW Russian Tips Set + Helpful Tips (pun intended)

Hey there! Everyone in the cake world has been raving about Russian piping tips for the last couple years now. Why are these tips so amazing? First, these tips are one-stop solution to creating pretty cupcakes and cakes without having to take lessons in making delicate buttercream flowers. Of course hand crafting buttercream flowers is a very difficult art but nobody got time for that. So these tips make it easy for anyone to learn and become a 5-star decorator. Secondly, there's such a wide variety of styles out there. You can create anything from classic roses, to tulips, and even succulents! The choice is yours. Third...there really isn't any. Those first 2 reasons are the big ones and they're the only ones you need to know.

So let's talk about this new Russian tip set we're carrying. We've had great success with our standard tip line so why not get into the shining stars of the buttercream community. Our new kit should have its own late-night infomercial, that's how great of a deal it is. It is a whopping 66 piece piping set! I'll break it down for you.

This set includes :

  • 29 Russian tips
  • 4 leaf/accent tips
  • 1 large coupler
  • 1 large tri-color coupler (you can use 3 colors of buttercream at one time)
  • 1 re-useable piping bag
  • 30 FREE disposable piping bags

All for the price of $69.95!!! Click here to buy.

Now, for some helpful tips on using these Russian piping tips. It will take some practice and getting used to, especially if you're not accustomed to piping buttercream. 

  1. Find a fantastic buttercream recipe. Make sure that buttercream is as smooth as possible. Russian tips do not like bumps.
  2. Make sure your buttercream is stiff. These Russian flowers like to stand with their chins up, not looking down at the ground. Don't let them wilt with soft buttercream.
  3. Try starting with cooler temperature buttercream. If your buttercream is naturally soft, stiffen it up by throwing it in the fridge.
  4. Wash your tips and swipe clean before piping. Russian flowers don't like residue from old buttercream.
  5. Play with the different heights of flowers. This is up to you, some like them short and others like our men tall.....I mean flowers.....tall buttercream flowers. TMI, sorry. 

Anyways, this is a great set to get you started. Try it out, play with them, and be persistent. Bye!

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