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We understand that in the Cake Industry time constraints are a very serious thing.  Weddings are almost always held on Saturdays and Birthdays are never rescheduled.  So we take immense pride in our customer service accommodating your every need to the best of our ability.  We ship all of the expedited orders with FedEx and any order placed before 1pm PST will ship out the same day. 

Our popular expedited shipping options are:

  • 3 Day Shipping  $$
  • 2 Day Air  $$$
  • Overnight  $$$$$
  • Saturday AM Delivery  $$$$$

Here's how it works:

  • Go to the cart and let us know your time constraints by writing your needs in the "Order Details" portion of the cart.  Ex. "Please have my order arrive by Friday 6/29.  Wedding is Sat 6/30."
  • expedited shipping process.
  • Complete your order online, and opt for regular ground shipping.
  • We will then call you as soon as possible with an accurate shipping estimate based on your time needs (we'll call you either same day or following morning of business hours).
  • Once you agree with the extra shipping costs, we will need you to provide us with a valid credit card (as we don't hold your credit card info from your order).
  • If we reach out to you for payment info, and you are unable to be reached by day's end, we will have to hold your order until payment for shipping is received.

Tips to save you $$$ and trouble:

  • Place your order as far ahead in advance as possible.  This allows for your order to be shipped with inexpensive (or free) ground shipping with plenty of time to spare.
  • Placing your order earlier, also allows us to remedy any issues with any comes up regarding your order.
  • When you receive your items early, this leaves you enough time to determine if you have enough to complete your cake design.  Many times, artists may underestimate how many flowers or decorations will be needed to complete the desired look.  This entails placing a second order for supplemental items.

Hopefully these are some helpful tips to guid you through that stressful part of the process.  Just remember to give yourself as much time as possible to reduce the stress that comes with completing a cake, this allows us as many options as possible to help you through it.

P.S. Don't be afraid to pass the extra shipping costs on to your customer, especially if it was their late notice or late change of design that caused you to be in that position.

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