Protective Face Shields (2 pack)

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Face Shields are a primary source of protection for you and your team when working with food and customers. These clear Face Shields are very comfortable and

feels less obstructive on your mouth and nose than a face mask, stay protected with easy breathability.  Great for full day use.  These Face Shields are helpful to have to remain compliant to CDC regulations.  Affordable and convenient to provide for customers or employees as a complimentary service as well.  Can be used in conjunction with a face mask, for a second layer of protection.

Quantity: 2 Face Shields  |  Size: One size fits most.  |  Color: Clear

Advantages of wearing a Face Shield:

  • Comfortable design features a forehead sponge to alleviate pressure
  • Elastic band provides a secure fit
  • Necessary in most areas for businesses to be CDC compliant
  • Significantly reduces your chance of contracting bacteria and viruses
  • Provide confidence to your customers by wearing a mask
  • Affordable and easy to clean or dispose

Also great to have Protective Face Shields on hand for every day tasks and work  environments during this 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Exempt from discounts  |  Not available for express shipping or local pick up

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