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Protect yourself with this Liquid Hand Sanitizer made following the very strict guidelines of the World Heath Organization formula.  This premium Hand Sanitizer is a Liquid Formula, which is composed of 80% alcohol making it highly effective and strong at killing germs and bacteria.  The Liquid Formula performs better than the gel because it gets into pores, under fingernails, but more importantly can also be sprayed onto surfaces and food equipment.  This is very helpful for businesses to wipe down countertops, cash registers, door handles, tables, chairs, food equipment, steering wheels, etc.

Use caution when using around fire, as it is 80% alcohol.

  • Manufactured in an FDA Emergency Approved Level 2 Facility to make and fill Hand Sanitizer
  • Per the FDA made with the “80% Alcohol – World Health Organization Formula”
  • This is a highly effective Liquid (not gel) formula, designed to get into pores and under fingernails.  The liquid format also allows it to be applied to surfaces for confident disinfecting.
  • The World Health Organization is very strict and will not allow any alterations to the formula in ANY way.  It has an alcohol type scent by design to prevent people from drinking it or children from accidentally ingesting it.  This scent completely disappears in a few seconds after it is rubbed into your hands or onto the surface.
  • The Wold Health Organization is also very strict on exactly what is on the label, this recipe complies with all of WHO guidelines and is exactly per their requirements.
  • Made in Southern California, USA

Can be used with the Small 1 oz Mist Spray Bottle.  Click to shop Mist Spray Bottle.

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