Non-Contact IR Thermometer

by Escali
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Non-Contact IR (Infrared) Thermometers are very helpful to have on hand during this uncertain time of the Covid Pandemic.  Great to use regular touchless temperature checks for employees, customers, family, children, and even for your food products.  Many businesses are now regularly checking the temperature's of their patrons as an extra security measure, giving you and your customers extra confidence and comfort.

For Adults and Children: Hold the device above the forehead and the infrared censor will instantly detect their temperature.  Then the result will be shown with a color coding indicating the Fever Warning.  Green = Normal,  Orange = Almost Fever  Red = Fever

For Food and Objects:  Switch Thermometer to the Object setting, and point and read the temperature of your cakes, ingredients, liquids, refrigerators, and other surfaces.  Check the temperature of your food products regularly and with out touching or disturbing the food.  A great way to keep you standards high while not tampering with the food or presentation.

This Non-Contact Thermometer is made for fast NO CONTACT testing with medical grade precision.  Get readings with higher accuracy than the traditional thermometers.  Response time of .5 seconds.

Includes 2x AA Batteries and Instruction Manual

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