8 Piece Modelling Tool Set

ITEM#: BK123

This great collection of modelling tools can be used with icing, fondant, gumpaste etc.

Pack includes: Bone Tool, Shell & Blade Tool, Ball Tool, Scallop & Comb Tool, Serrated & Tapered Cone Tool, 5/6 Star Cone Tool, Bulbulous Cone Tool, Flower/Leaf Shaper Tool

BONE TOOL SHELL -  The bone tool is perfect for smoothing and frilling the edge of petals, leaves, and frills. Simply position the tool on the edge of the paste and smooth round to thin and shape the paste. The smaller end gives a frillier effect while the larger end gives a soft and gentle flounce. A very versatile tool for all types of modelling.

SHELL AND BLADE - The blade allows you to cut your shapes without marking your board while the Shell tool can be used for boarders around cakes and covered cake boards, as well as a variety of modelling jobs including the feet for modelled animals and of course shells!

BALL TOOL - One of the most useful tools you can get!! Perfect for cupping flowers and making small blossoms, by placing the ball tool on the cut shapes and pressing gently onto foam or Celpad. To get a deeper shape to your petal rub the tool in a circular motion gently over the petal. The larger size gives a softer larger cupping shape while the smaller tool in addition to small blossoms can also be used for making detail on your modelled figures - perfect for teddy bear ears!

SCALLOP AND COMB - The scallop is brilliant for marking details on modelled figures from smiles and frowns to eyebrows - absolutely indispensable. The comb can be used to add textured designs to your paste.

SERRATED AND TAPER CONES - Ideal for opening out deeper trumpeted flowers from Lilies to Daffodils. It is also perfect for marzipan fruits.

5/6 STAR CONES - This tool is another of those indispensable tools! If you have ever made pulled flowers you know how difficult it is to get all the petals even - This tool solves the problem. It marks your paste evenly into a 5 or a 6 petalled flower which you can then cut and pull knowing that you will have a perfectly even shape. The patterning that it creates also makes nice centres to your flowers.

BULBOUS CONE - Another versatile tool! This can be used for all your frilling needs. It makes a lovely smooth frill for Garrett frills as well as shaping deeper frilly flowers. The other end can be used as an insertion tool to fix your extra pieces onto your marzipan figures.

FLOWER SHAPER / DRESDEN TOOL - The thinner end has a sharp back which makes it perfect for drawing veins onto leaves as well as other occasions when you want to mark your paste - 'pleats' in modelled figures clothing for example - The thicker end is softer and more rounded and is ideal for frilling flowers and leaves.

A Quality Product of PME.

Made in England

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