Scoop Dessert Cup

by Alcas
SKU 140001210

Create classy desserts with these appealing tumblers that are perfect to be used as shot glasses, dessert cups, trifle bowls, or plastic souffle mousses party cube cups.

The classic shape and design enhances the visual charm of your decorative desserts, cocktails, and other culinary creations.  Present your signature desserts, these Scoop Dessert Cups are durable and versatile.

Disposable cups make the clean up fast and easy. These classy cups help improve the value and presentation of drinks, desserts, appetizers, and other small portions of delightful treats.  Perfect for wedding receptions, banquets, and upscale catered events.

Color: Clear  |  Made in Italy  |  Made of Clear Transparent Polystyrene (Plastic)

Quantities by Various Sizes:

Size: 3.36 fl. oz. (100 cc) = 450 pieces per case

Size: 4.39 fl. oz. (130 cc) = 450 pieces per case

Product of Alcas  |  Sold only by the case  |  Exempt from discounts

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