Savory & Sweet Cupcakes…Halloween Style

It’s about that BOO-season time again and I really wanted to make something special this year. I’m over the cute ghost cookies and the happy pumpkin cupcakes. It’s time to get real here people, and I’m stepping up my prank game this Halloween. Cupcakes are always a big hit at parties and with kids. The moist cake, sweet and buttery icing, what’s not to love? This year I’m trying out a different cupcake topper. Something less sugary, more protein. Heck! I’d even say it would make this cupcake healthy.

A few months ago at a food show a booth was passing out their snack product. I’ve seen these before but never had the guts to taste them. And to my surprise…they were so fun to eat! I introduce you to, Larvets and Crick-Ettes! You’ve guessed exactly right if you think those names describe a buggy delicious snack. They’re dehydrated and flavored larva and crickets. These little bugs are covered in different flavors like BBQ, Bacon and Cheese, Salt and Vinegar, and even chocolate. Still with me? I have to admit, these “snacks” didn’t taste like much, but they were so fun to eat and share! I brought them to work for everyone to try and some of my coworkers had to muster up all their might to eat it, especially the crickets. It felt a little bit like being on Fear Factor.

Then it hit me like a zombie popping out of the darkest corner of the haunted maze, the perfect Halloween prank, a definite trick-or-treat. Classic chocolate cupcakes topped with a simple buttercream and our crunchy little friends. These cupcakes will be the talk of every party, some will oooh, some will ahhhh, and some will just give the dirtiest and grossed out look. But, wouldn’t that be a conversation starter?? I’m all about trying the weird and wacky and pushing my friends to do it as well. If you come across the bug snacks, I’d encourage you to give them a try. At the very least, freak your friends out by offering them some bugs like it’s no big deal.

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