Everyone loves the recent craze of the Fat Unicorn cake.  What is a Fat Unicorn Cake?  It's a hilarious new take on Unicorns, great for kid's birthday's and baby showers.  From the messy and destructive type of design, to the cute chubby unicorn, and the fun vibrant colors, the fun trend of the Fat Unicorn cake is currently what's trending on the internet.  Typically the Fat Unicorn design features a fondant unicorn at the base of the cake, in a position as it was stuffed to capacity from eating the cake itself.  We took a different approach to the Fat Unicorn with this interactive design, positioning the unicorn as if it was digging through the cake.  This is a fun take on the design especially if molding 3D figures is not your strong point, this is a great way to achieve the idea with more simple and achievable shapes.  This Fat Unicorn Cake was designed by Chef Mitchie Curran using FondX Rolled Fondant and fun readymade Ribbon Curls.



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