Birthday Candles - The Finishing Touch

What's a birthday cake without the perfect candle to blow out when one makes a wish on their birthday.  It's a timeless tradition that will most likely continue on forever for generations to come.  I remember as a little kid there's nothing better than a birthday cake with lots of candles.  Nothing better than blowing out the candles on the cake and making that most important 1 wish for the year, was the most important part of my birthday.  This build up and focus on the birthday candle makes your choice of candle the most important complimentary topper of the design.  Doesn't matter if you are gifting a birthday cake, cupcake, cookies, brownie, donut, or even steak dinner (with the candles in the mashed potatoes) the birthday candle is the focal point of anyones birthday.

So don't overlook all of the choices of different candles.  Check out our collection of Birthday Candles >

Animal Print Birthday Candles for Birthday Cakes  Birthday Candles for Birthday Cakes

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