Awesome Tote Bags for the Summer

It's that time of year where we are all out and about and busy, busy, busy.  From work, to the kids, to running errands, and even on vacation we all need a trusty carrier bag that can handle our day to day load.

We have teamed up with RAREFORM, a local California apparel brand, to offer the best tote bags on the market.  These aren't the normal totes that you are accustom to, these fashionable tote bags are made with repurposed billboard material.  This is important to us because billboard material after being used for advertisements, is then taken down and considered waste and brought to the landfill.  These bag's now give purpose to the billboard material, repurposing it in a fashionable way to be used again in our everyday life.  These are all unique bags, one of kind, no other bag is made with the same design because of the nature of the recycling process.  Each bag has a unique story and is sure to attract positive attention.

Take a second to check out the designs and details.

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