Violet Sparkle Glitter (Pixie Dust)

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Add glamour and radiance to your cake decorations or projects with Sparkle Glitter (Pixie Dust).  Sparkle Glitter is a non-toxic extra fine glitter that will add a touch of color with lots of sparkle to your removable gumpaste flowers, castle decorations, and more.  Make your creations shine with Sparkle Glitter (Pixie Dust)!

*Actual colors may vary from those shown due to picture editing process.  Colored Glitter are not a food additive and should not be considered as such.  Intended for decorative purposes only.  Not suitable for Airbrush use.


Weight:  5 grams  |  Color:  Iridescent Sparkle with a Violet Tint  |  Non Toxic  |  Not Water Soluble

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