Vinyl Gloves (2 pack)

SKU 9006

Disposable gloves are the primary source of protection for you and your team when working with food.  These disposable gloves are made of a Vinyl Rubber which provides protection, lowering the chance of contamination between you and those around you of bacteria, viruses, germs, dust and more.  Perfect for use around food.

Available in 4 Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, & Extra Large

Quantity: 200 Gloves Total (Includes 2 Boxes x 100 Gloves per box)

Advantages of Wearing Gloves:

  • Extra layer of protection
  • Immediate chemical resistance
  • Reliable strength and durability
  • Perfect for working with food
  • Form fitting and highly elastic, very comfortable
  • Easy to put on and remove for disposal
  • Powder Free.  Latex Free.

Also great to have disposable gloves on hand for every day tasks during this 2020 pandemic.

Exempt from discounts  |  Not available for expedited shipping or local pick up

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