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  • PME Veined Daisy Cutter and Plunger gumpaste tool perfect for making gumpaste sugar flowers at home.  Wholesale Cake Decorating Supply.

Veined Sunflower / Daisy / Gerbera Plunger Cutter


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Create beautiful sunflowers, daisies, or gerberas with these plunger cutters.  No need for separate cutting or detailing, these cutters will cut and vein your flowers at the same time.  Easily decorate or enhance your creations by placing them on cupcakes or around your cake.  

  1. Roll out the gum paste or fondant on a non-stick surface using powdered sugar for dusting for easy removal.
  2. Cut out leaf without pressing plunger.
  3. Using the plunger press the leaf onto a flat surface to produce the veining.

Tips:  To obtain a finer finish, use a ball tool to soften the edges of the leaves.  The leaves can be used immediately or placed on a curved surface to dry.  Wire can be inserted into each leaf for use in wired arrangements and sprays.

Includes:  3 Different Sized Plunger Cutters

Approximate Sizes: Large 2-3/4", Medium 2-1/4" and Small 1-3/4"

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