Tall Cake Icing Scraper

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Dimensions: 10"x3.5" |  Material: Anodized Aluminum  |  Color:  Pink  |  Made in USA

Design: Precision Hand Polished Edges creates a consistent smooth icing finish.

Care:  Hand wash only with dish soap and warm water.

*Do not use in the dishwasher as some soaps and dishwashers can cause the combs to fade over time.  

A 10" icing scraper for cakes is a game-changer in achieving sharp edges and hard corners during cake decoration. Its size and design allow for precise smoothing of frosting, ensuring a professional finish. With its versatility and ease of use, this scraper enables decorators to effortlessly create clean lines and impeccable detailing, elevating the overall appearance of their cakes to perfection.

Designed and produced by Ester Cakes.

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