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  • Pump Brush 1.0
  • Dusting Pump Brush for applying food safe dust colors for cake decorating fondant cakes, gumpaste sugarflowers, cupcakes, & even makeup. A must have cake decorating tool for every cake decorator. Gumpaste tool. Cake decorating tool. Fondant Tool. Pump Brush 1.0

Pump Brush 1.0


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Easy to use for dusting gumpaste flowers & fondant decorations.  This is the brush that you have been dreaming to have, it is so easy now to apply super pearl on your cakes, just pump it up and it will disperse sufficient amount of dust.  You will save time, money, no mess and even surface. (recommended to use with Lustre, petal, sparkle Dust) 

To use: 

Simply fill the pump brush with Lustre Dust or Petal Dust and press pump to dispense color, then brush on.  Super Pearl is the most common used dust color. Save time, save dust and save the mess.
Care & Use: Use one color per brush. DO NOT WASH (water will ruin the mechanics of the brush)



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