Lulu Round Acrylic Cake Tier Raiser & Display

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Enhance your cake presentation by using the Lulu Acrylic Tier Raiser in your cakes.  This round clear display box is shaped similar to a round cake tier and can be used to substitute one of the cake tiers in your design.  Made of laser cut clear acrylic, provides an opening at the top to be able to fill with other decorations bringing a unique design element to your cake.  For example fill it with LED lights, flowers, candy, fruit, leaves, sand and sea shells, or anything you can imagine that compliments your cake theme.  Endless creative possibilities for you to decide how to set your cake apart using mixed mediums.  Can be used to raise your cake, divide your cake, as a cake stand, or as a substitute cake tier.

Made from 8" diameter 1-piece acrylic tubing for incredible strength and crystal clear look.  Easy to clean making it great for repeated use with different themes for your cakes.

Size: 8"x8"x4"

Also great for party planners, florists, caterers and other presentation needs.

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