Cacao Chocolate Coating Melts


Professional Cacao Coating Chocolate in easy-to-melt disc shaped pieces.  Made with the highest quality chocolate ingredients including real cocoa powder and real vanilla, designed for dipping, molding, decorating, or for use in as fondue dip.  These chocolate have a delicious flavor and rich color perfect for all types of candy or other chocolate projects.

All Chocolates are thoughtfully packed and shipped with a fresh Ice Pack and Thermal Envelope to ensure freshness during shipment.  Our Chocolate is shipped from Los Angeles, CA.  Although we take great measures to protect the chocolate from the heat, there is a chance of slight melting during transit deponent on travel time and destination.  If chocolate is slightly melted, they will work just the same.  Simply melt the chocolate as normal. 

*For best results, melt between 120°-125° F in a double boiler.

Available in 1lb, 5lb, and 25lb packs

Flavor: Milk Chocolate

Product of 50 Express - Made in California, USA  -  Non-GMO

*excluded from other discounts - not eligible for express shipping or local pick up.

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