Airbush Cleaner Solution


No more clogging, spitting or color build up!  Keep your airbrush in tip-top condition with this specially formulated airbrush cleaner.

  • - Airbrush Cleaner was developed to keep your airbrush in top condition
  • - Reduces clogging, spitting, and color build-up
  • - Works for all airbrushes

Size: 8 oz (240 ml)

How to Use the Airbrush Cleaner, submerge all parts, except the needle, in a glass or metal pan for a few minutes then scrub with a small paint brush until all color has been removed.  Clean especially the color cup.  Make sure you have a good liquid flow out of where the nozzle connects.  Use a Q-tip to scrub the walls & to reach into the color cup.  Rinse the parts with hot water & dry thoroughly with a lint-free cloth.  Clean the needle with airbrush cleaner & check the point to make sure there is no damage.

Most often purchased with an Airbrush Machine & Gun

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