Acrylic Warmer for Icing Scrapers & Combs

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Now you can achieve even SHARPER AND CLEANER edges by warming your icing scrapers and combs.  Scrape through your icing like a "hot knife cutting through butter" with this convenient Acrylic Warmer.

Pour hot water in the warmer (about 24oz), then easily dip your scraper or comb into it before using to smooth and shape your buttercream.

Thoughtfully designed with a back rack to hold your scrapers while you work, and also serves as a great place to store your favorite scrapers & combs.  The water reservoir is wide enough to use with small 6" scrapers to large 12" scrapers.

The warmer is made from food-safe solid clear acrylic is very easy to clean with warm water and soap.  Made in USA.

Size: 13.8" x 3.8" x 5"

Works well when used with the 12" Icing Scraper and Icing Combs

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