$1 Candy Crumbs

$1 Cupcake Picks

$1 Edible Candy Shapes

$1 Edible Pearls

$1 Pack Royal Icing Decorations

$1 Piping Tips

$1 Sanding Sugar

$1 Sprinkles

$1 Tools

10 Inch Cake Drums

12 Inch Cake Drums

14 Inch Cake Drums

16 Inch Cake Drums

18 Inch Cake Drums

20 Inch Cake Drums

22 Inch Cake Drums

24 Inch Cake Drums

3D Man Cake Stand

4th of July Pinwheels

6 Inch Cake Drums

6" Peonies

8 Inch Cake Drums


African Orchids

Airbrush Luster Dusts

Airbrush Sheen


All Cake Drums

All Cupcake Baking Cups

All Fondant

All Glam Ribbons

All Gumpaste Items

Americolor Soft Gel Food Color

Amerimist Airbrush Colors


Animals & Nature

Assorted/Mixed Color Cake Decor

Astounding Rose

Astromeria Lily

Austin Heritage Rose


Baby Cupcake Toppers

Baby Shower

Back to School

Baking Mix

Baptism & Christening

Bargain Rose Sprays

Bargain Sprays

Before you go


Best Selling: $1 Menu

Best Selling: Cake Decorating Tools

Best Selling: Cake Toppers

Best Selling: Cupcake Toppers

Best Selling: Disco Dust

Best Selling: Dust Colors

Best Selling: Filler Sprays

Best Selling: Glam Ribbons

Best Selling: Gum Paste Sprays

Best Selling: Leaves

Best Selling: Rolled Fondant

Best Selling: Sugarflowers

Birds & Fish




Black & White Gumpaste Flowers

Black and White Gumpaste Flowers

Black Cake Decor

Black Foil

Black Friday - Preview Special

Blooming Peonies



Blue Cake Decor



Boys Edible Cupcake Toppers

Brand New Lustre Dust

Briar Rose


Brown Cake Decor


Bulk Baking Cups

Bulk Royal Icing Decorations

Bulk Royal Icing Decorations

Bulk Size Luster Dusts

Buttercream Tools

Butterflies & Bugs

Butterfly Orchids

Cabbage Rose

Cake Boards

Cake Books & DVDs

Cake Boxes

Cake Decorating Tools

Cake Drum Sale - 3/18/15

Cake Ingredients and Additives

Cake Mixes & Ingredients

Cake Play Isomalt

Cake Stands

Cake Wraps

Caljava Baking Cups

Caljava Exclusive Lustre Dust

Calla Lily

Calla Lily Sprays


Candy Color

Candy Crumbs


Casablanca Lily

Castle Cake Toppers

Cattleya Orchids

ChefMaster Collection

ChefMaster Edible Spray

ChefMaster Gel Base Colors 1oz

ChefMaster Liqua-Gel Colors 0.75 oz

Chefmaster Liqua-Gel Colors 10.5 oz

ChefMaster Liqua-Gel Colors 2.3 oz

Chefmaster Liqua-Gel Neon Brites

ChefMaster Liquid Whitener

Cherry Blossom

Chinese New Year

Chocolate Rose

Christmas Sale of the Week

Christmas Trees

Classy Cake Toppers

Close Out

Close-Out Cake Drums

Coconut Sold Out

Colorful - Sale of the Week

Colors of Summer Sale

Cooktown Orchids


Cupcake Boxes

Cupcake Creations Baking Cups

Cupcake Stands

Cupcake Wraps

Cyber Monday - $40 and up

Cyber Monday - Fondant Sale Extended

Cyber Monday - FondX Rolled Fondant

Cyber Monday - Sugarflowers & Decor

Cyber Monday - Tools & Glam Wrap

Cyber Monday - Under $10

Cyber Monday - Under $20

Cyber Monday - Under $30

Cyber Monday - Under $5

Cyber Monday Sale

Cymbidium Orchids




Daisy Blossom


Diamond Dust

Diamond Glam Ribbon Cake Wraps

Diamond Ring Cake Toppers


Dog Rose


Double Dendrobium


Eclair & Custard Mix

Edible Blood

Edible Christmas Cupcake Toppers

Edible Food Colors

Edible Glue

Edible Markers

Edible Pansies & Violas

Edible Slime

Edible Sugar Pearls

Eiffel Tower Cake Toppers

Embossed Fondant Ribbons

English Garden Rose Sprays

Extra Large Peonies

Fall & Thanksgiving

Father's Day

Featured Products

Filigree and Lace Work

Filler Flowers & Berries

Flash Sale Today Only

Floral Spray Cake Toppers

Flower Buttons

Fondant Baby Shoes

Fondant Cutters

Fondant Mats

Fondant Sea Shells

Fondant Shoes & Purses

Fondant Stabilizer

Fondant Tools

FondX + Fondant Mat Bundles

FondX 1lb

FondX 22 lbs

FondX Buttercream Rolled Fondant

FondX Limited Colors

FondX Rolled Fondant - Pastel Collection

FondX Rolled Fondant 10lb

FondX Rolled Fondant 2lb

FondX Rolled Fondant 5lb

FondX Rolled Fondant Icing

FondX: FlavorCrafted

Freesia Filler Sprays


Fruit Blossom

Full Bloom Roses

Full Sheet Cake Drums

Fun Appliques

Garden Collection

Garden Rose


Giant Roses


Girls Edible Cupcake Toppers

Glam Ribbon Cake Wraps

Glam Roses

Glam Sticker Cake Board Wrap


Gold Foil


Graduation Edible Cupcake Toppers


Green Cake Decor

Gum Paste Flowers

Gum Paste Sprays

Gumpaste Bows & Brooches

Gumpaste Filler Flowers & Leaves

Gumpaste Loops & Tails

Gumpaste Ranunculus Cake Decorations

Gumpaste Sunflower Cake Decorations

Gumpaste Tools

Half Sheet Cake Drums


Halloween 2015 Extended Sale

Halloween Collection

Halloween Collection 2016

Halloween Fondant

Halloween Royal Icing Decorations


Heart Designed Glam Ribbon Cake Wraps

Heirloom Peony


Highlighter Dust

Holiday / Seasonal

Holiday Collection

Holiday Cupcake Toppers

Hot Pink Cake Drums


Ice Princess Decor

ICES Fondant Sale

ICES Glam Ribbon and More Sale

Icing Genius

Icing Genius Sale with Packs

IG Story Flash Sale

Illuminated Sprays

Independence Day

Individual Plumerias


Instructional DVDs



Ivory Cake Decor


Ladies Night

Large Americolor Soft Gel Food Colors

Large Chocolate Candy Pearls 9.52mm

Large Edible Candy Shapes

Large Edible Sugar Pearls 7mm

Lavender Cake Decor

Licensed Decor

Lilac Cake Drums

Lily Sprays


Lustre Dust

Luxury Ribbons


Manager's Special

Mardi Gras

Mini Baking Cups

Mini Flowers

Mini Fondant Bows

Mirror Glaze Piping Gel


Modern Dahlia

Mother's Day

Muffin Baking Cups

Navy Blue & Midnight Blue FondX Fondant

New at Caljava

New Colorful Cake Drums

New Grand Collection

New Ranunculus

New Years

Newest Gumpaste Sugarflowers


Number Candles

Open Daylilies

Orange / Peach

Orange Cake Decor

Orchid Sprays

Other Sprays

Our Favorite Customer Reviews Collection

Our Most Popular Cake Items


Pastry Tools

Patriotic Holidays

Peach Cake Decor

Pearl Glam Ribbon

Pearlescent Dust


Petal Dust

Phalaenopsis Orchids


Pink Cake & Cupcake Decor

Pink Cake Decor

Piping Bags

Piping Essentials

Piping Gel

Piping Kits

Piping Tips


Plumeria Sprays


Polka Dot Glam Ribbon Cake Wraps

Purple / Lavendar

Quarter Cake Drums

Rainbow Cake Collection

Readymade Fondant High Heels & Clutch Bags

Readymade Gumpaste Leaves

Rectangle Foil Cake Drums

Red Cake Decor

Red Gumpaste Sugar Decor

Rolling Pins

Rose Cake Toppers

Rose Cone Centers

Rose Leaves

Rose Petals

Rose Sprays

Round 1/8" Drums

Round Foil Cake Drums

Royal Icing Decorations

Sale of the week - Black Cake Decor

Sale of the week - Latest & Greatest

Sale of the Week - Lustre Dust 2017

Sale of the Week - Pump Brushes

Sale of the Week - Red, White & Blues

Sale of the Week - Royal Icing Decorations

Sale of the Week - Wedding Season Sale

Salted Caramel White Fondant Sale

Sanding Sugar

Shirt Collars

Shoes & Purses


Silver Foil

Single Sprays

Small Edible Sugar Pearls 4mm

Sparkle Glitter


Spring Sale


Square Foil Cake Drums

St. Patrick's Day

Stargazer Lily


Suggested Flowers for Retail



Summer Flowers

Tea Rose

Teal Cake Decor

Teal Cake Drums

Thank You 2016

The Grand Collection

Think Pink : Breast Cancer Awareness

Tier Separators

Tiny Rose

Topsy Turvy Stand

Trio Garden Rose Toppers in Yellow & Lavender

Tropical Orchids


Under $5

Valentine's Day

Vanda Orchids

Video Tutorial | How to Add the Smokey Effect to a Sugarflower

Video Tutorial | How to Cover a Cake with Rolled Fondant: FondX

Video Tutorial | How to make a Fondant Car Tire Cake

Video Tutorial | How to Open a FondX Pail

Video Tutorial | How to use a Dusting Pump Brush with Edible Dust Color

Video Tutorial | How to Use a Fondant Ribbon

Video Tutorial | How to Use Luster Dust with an Air Brush to Decorate Your Cake

Video Tutorial | How to Use Readymade Edible Cupcake Toppers

Video Tutorial | How to use Readymade Sugarflower Cake Toppers


Wedding & Anniversary


White Cake Decor

White Foil

Wild Lily


Yellow Cake Decor

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