To Provide Beautiful Cake Decor for Amazing Cake Artists.

Caljava International aims to offer a wide selection of the highest quality cake decorations and tools that make it possible for Cake Artists to achieve the most amazing & innovative cake designs by providing creative time saving cake decorations and tools that help each cake remain profitable.  

About Us is our online boutique for specialty cake decorations, tools, & ingredients.  Caljava specializes on being the largest source for "Sweet Inspiration" Readymade Gumpaste Sugarflowers & the origin of FondX Rolled Fondant Icing & now the home of Icing Genius Icing Concentrate.  We also provide Edible Fondant Cupcake Toppers, Gumpaste Leaves, Castle Cake Toppers, Elite Rolled Fondant Icing, Nu-Wrap Rolled Fondant, Glam Ribbon Cake Wraps, Fondant Shoes & Purses, Embossed Fondant Ribbons, Fondant Molds, CMC: Fondant Stabilizer, Dusting Color Powders, Disco Dusts, Edible Food Color, Topsy-Turvy Cake Stands, 3D Man Stand, Fondant Mats, Gumpaste Tools, Foil Cake Drums, Cake Boards, Isomalt, Instructional Cake Books & Magazines, Dusting Pump Brushes, Airbush Pumps & Airbrush Colors, Cupcake Baking Cups, Cupcake Accessories, Sprinkles, Sanding Sugar, Confetti, Birthday Candles & much more. 

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