Frequently Asked Questions

Dusting Pump Brush

Can I wash my Pump Brush?

No, we do not recommend washing your Pump Brush. Once water is introduced to the brush bristles, it may not dry very well preventing the dusting color to pass through as intended.

What types of color do I place in the Pump Brush?

The Pump Brush works best with Luster Dust Colors, Petal Dust Colors, Sparkle Dust Colors, and Platinum Dust Colors. These are all dust colors with a very fine dust like consistency. The Pump Brush does NOT work with Disco Dust, as the glitter particles of Disco Dust are too large to pass through the Pump Brush.

What is the difference between the Grey Pump Brush 1.0 and the new Pink Pump Brush 2.0?

The Grey Pump Brush is the original design with the pump mechanism to dispense dust color. The Pink Pump Brush is the New Updated design which includes the bristle sleeve/protector.

How do I place the Dusting Color into my Pump Brush?

Simply twist open the Pump Brush by the neck beneath the bristles. Then fill the open canister with new Luster Dust or Petal Dust. You may fill up to 6 grams of dust color into the brush. Remember to be sure there is enough dust left in the brush to be dispensed properly.

What is this black sponge at the neck of my Pump Brush?

The black sponge is one of the most important components of the Pump Brush which regulates the amount of dust color that dispenses through the bristles. The sponge/strainer keeps the Pump Brush performing with even color distribution and efficient dispensing.

Can I change the colors inside of my Pump Brush?

It is not advised to change the dust color in the Pump Brush. Since it is not advised to wash the Pump Brush, changing the colors inside is a challenge without mixing a bit of remnant dust color. If you choose to change the dust color of the Pump Brush, we suggest to start with a light tone, such as super pearl, then switch to a darker dust color.

What is the best Luster Dust color to start with my new Pump Brush?

The most popular Luster Dust used with the Pump Brush is Super Pearl, an iridescent pearl dust color that leaves a pearl effect on any edible product. Pharaoh’s Gold, Egyptian Gold, and Coin Silver are also very popular Luster Dusts used with the Pump Brush.

What other uses can I find with my Pump Brush?

There are a couple of other uses for the Pump Brush. We often suggest to fill the Pump Brush with Powdered Sugar or Cornstarch to help dispense small amounts of powder when working with Rolled Fondant. Or it can always be used for body glitter or topical makeup.

Will the bristle hairs fall out?

Just as with any brush, when first working with the new Pump Brush, a few bristles may fall out. Simply work the brush for a few vigorous strokes and the few bristles will have completed shedding. If excessive shedding continues to occur, please contact us directly at sales@caljavaonline.com to remedy the issue.

Can I use the Pump Brush for my own topical make up?

Yes you may use the Pump brush for your own topical make up. We advise to use separate Pump Brushes, one for make up and another for cake decorating.

Can I purchase the Pump Brush in large volume for resale or wholesale purposes?

Yes, there are wholesale opportunities for purchasing the Pump Brush in large volumes. They work with any types of Luster Dusts and Petal Dusts. Please contact sales@caljavaonline.com for any inquiries.

How many Pump Brushes come in a case?

There are 60 Pump Brushes per case, individually plastic wrapped.