Frequently Asked Questions

Glam Ribbon Cake Wraps

Are the Glam Ribbons edible?

The Glam Ribbon Cake Wraps are NOT edible. They are made of thread and plastic stones, intended for decorative purposes only. Used in the same fashion as fabric ribbons wrapped around cakes.

How large are the Glam Ribbons?

The Glam Ribbons are 1 Yard. (36” x 4.5”)

How do I use and apply the Glam Ribbons on my cake?

There are a few different ways to apply the Glam Ribbons onto the cake, most commonly the Glam Ribbon is trimmed to height and wrapped around the base of the cake. Piping gel or Royal Icing works as a great edible glue to adhere the ribbon to the cake.

Can I use Glam Ribbons on my cupcakes?

Glam Ribbons work great on cupcakes, commonly wrapped around the base of the cupcakes adds a great effect.

How do I use Glam Ribbons on Cake Pops?

Glam Ribbon are great for wrapping around the Cake Pop Sticks (Lolipop Sticks). Simply trim the ribbon to the height of the cake pop stick and with glue, wrap around the stick to decorate. A glue gun works best.

Are the Glam Ribbons made with real diamonds?

The Glam Ribbons are NOT made with real diamonds. They are made of plastic in shapes that give the illusion of real diamonds.

How do I cut the Glam Ribbons?

A fabric scissor or any pair of scissors work best for cutting the Glam Ribbon Cake Wraps.

Should I wash the Glam Ribbon before using? How do I wash the Glam Ribbon?

We advise lightly washing the Glam Ribbons before using. Lightly wash with dish soap and cold water, then allow to air dry prior to application.

What else can I decorate on my cake using the Glam Ribbons?

The Glam Ribbons are great for decorating a number of other things outside of cakes. From cake knives, to napkins, centerpieces, and flower vases Glam Ribbons help draw the over all theme of the even to the Cake.

Can I use the Glam Ribbons for other purposes?

They can be used to decorate license plates, books, and cell phones. Glam Ribbons are really great for decorating anything.

What are the most popular designs of Glam Ribbons?

The most popular designs of Glam Ribbons are the classic Silver, Gold, & Black Diamond Glam Ribbons.

How many inches do I need to cover my cakes?

The mathematical rule of thumb when “estimating” how many inches a cake needs, is to multiply the size (diameter) of the cake by 3.14 (π)

How do I serve my cake with the Glam Ribbon?

Be sure to remove the Glam Ribbon before cutting and serving the cake.

Do I need to place a lining in-between the Glam Ribbon and the cake? What can I use?

It is not necessary to place a lining in-between the Glam Ribbon and the cake, but it is a helpful idea to do so. We suggest to use a clear plastic pastry lining or parchment or wax paper.

How do I glue the Glam Ribbon onto my fondant cake? Buttercream cake?

Glam Ribbons can be used to decorate fondant cakes, use piping gel or royal icing to adhere the Glam Ribbon to the cake. With a buttercream cake, simply press the Glam Ribbon against the icing lightly.

Can I reuse the Glam Ribbons?

Yes Glam Ribbons can be removed and reused.

Will the Glam Ribbons color bleed?

The Glam Ribbons colors do not bleed.