Frequently Asked Questions

FondX Rolled Fondant 

What is the difference between FondX & Elite & Nu-Wrap?

Caljava is proud to provide our very own FondX, Elite, Elite Plus, & Nu-Wrap Rolled Fondants. Every cake artist has their preference in the characteristics they find in a rolled fondant, and so we offer different recipes of fondant to best fit everyone's preference.

FondX: The Fondant of Excellence is our most popular and long standing Rolled Fondant, and is a favorite product amongst experienced cake business owners. Favored for its forgiving texture and easy flexibility, FondX is very easy to knead and roll out thin for covering large cakes. It has a delicious smooth Vanilla flavor that is not too sweet or overbearing, but a nice complimenting flavor to any type of cake flavor. The flavor is often described as “the middle of an oreo cookie.” FondX is available in 25 different vibrant colors and available in 22 lb, 10 lb, and 2 lb pails. Virgin White 10 lbs is our most popular FondX Rolled Fondant item.

Elite Rolled Fondant is the improved premium luxury Rolled Fondant line by FondX, which features a fondant formula made of higher ingredients. Elite has been a popular favorite with hobbyists, and fondant beginners, due to its very soft texture and no cracking or tearing. It’s soft and playable texture is great for kneading and rolling out to a very thin thickness and great for covering large cakes or odd shaped cakes. It’s flavor is a mixture of infused real white chocolate, vanilla flavor, and a slight hint of natural raspberry flavoring. This raspberry hint gives a refreshing aroma and flavor to rolled fondant making it enjoyable to everyone to eat. Elite is available in 17 amazingly bright colors in 2.2 lb (1 kg) pails.

Elite Plus Rolled Fondant is the same great formula as Elite by FondX however with different flavors. We have available, Elite Plus Vanilla and Elite Plus Dark Chocolate. The delicious Vanilla and Chocolate flavors are great compliments to the amazing stretchability of Elite. Elite Plus Vanilla is available in 2.2 lb and 10 lb pails. Nu-Wrap Rolled Fondant is our youngest brand of rolled fondant and is very similar rolled fondant as FondX. Also made by FondX, the texture is known to be very soft and forgiving making it a very easy rolled fondant to work with. The main draw to Nu-Wrap is it’s delicious Buttercream and Vanilla flavoring. The Buttercream Nu-Wrap is our most popular because it provides a convenient compromise between offering a much demanded rolled fondant cake look and design while offering that delicious buttercream flavor that compliments many different cake flavors perfectly. The Vanilla Nu-Wrap is also a fun flavor due to it’s dominant Vanilla flavor, a bit stronger that the Vanilla of original FondX. Many cake artists find that they enjoy using Nu-Wrap particularly for covering cakes and even large cakes due to it’s stretchability and how easy it is to knead for preparation.

Sweet Inspiration White Chocolate Rolled Fondant is our very own White Chocolate infused rolled fondant. The recipe is infused with a large percentage of White Chocolate giving it different characteristics in its texture.

What is the flavor of FondX?

FondX is made with a delicious Vanilla flavor often compared to the middle of an Oreo cookie or marshmallow flavor.

How do I knead and use FondX? How much FondX do I need to cover my cake?

How to cover cake with FondXFondX portion guide | caljava

What is the texture of FondX?

FondX has a very forgiving and consistent texture. Very stretchable and easy to knead and roll out to an eight of an inch. Easier to work with than most fondants due to its stretchability & flex-ability.

Do we sell/produce FondX Gumpaste?

Unfortunately we do not sell Gumpaste. Using FondX you can effectively make your own gum paste. Add a portion of CMC: Fondant Stabilizer powder to the FondX in small amounts (start with 1 tsp/1 lb FondX) and knead thoroughly into the fondant. After kneading, allow the fondant to rest for 15-30 min and the fondant will achieve more gum paste like consistency.

Is FondX Kosher, Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, made in USA?

FondX is Kosher Pareve.
FondX is made in a Peanut & Treenut Free facility.
FondX is not made with animal products or byproducts.
FondX is made fresh daily in the United States of America.

Can I use FondX in a Sheeter or a Cricket?

You can most definitely use FondX in a Fondant Sheeter very easily. You can also use FondX in a Cricket. Simply add CMC to the FondX, allow to rest, and roll out thin prior to placing it in the Cricket.

Can I make an edible glue using FondX?

FondX can quickly be made into a strong edible sugar glue. Simply, take a small ball of FondX Rolled Fondant and place it into a coffee mug with a small amount of water and place into the microwave for 15 sec intervals. As the water heats up, it will melt down the FondX until you achieve an “Elmer’s Glue” consistency. Using a brush, apply the edible sugar glue.

What is FondX made of?

FondX is made of powdered sugar, corn syrup, assorted gums, shortening, vanilla flavor, glycerin, citric acid and preservative.

What sizes are FondX available in?

FondX is available in 2 lb, 10 lb, and 22 lb pails.

How do I open my 10 lb FondX Pail?

Some may find that our air tight 10 lb FondX lids on our pails may be difficult to open. To open, use scissors to cut open the perforated slits on the sides of the lid. Once you have cut them open, use a bottle opener or with your fingers, begin to pry open and loosen the sides of the lid. Then when the lid is loose, pull open the lid. You may also use our FondX Pail Opener as well to help open the pail. Here is a short video tutorial to show how to open the pail (How to open your FondX pail.)

FondX Product Handling 

How do I knead FondX and should I use powdered sugar or shortening?

We strongly suggest to knead the FondX with high ratio shortening. The fat of the shortening will add moisture and flexibility to the FondX. Using “dry” powdered sugar or cornstarch will begin to dry out the fondant promoting cracking and tearing.

How long should I kneed the fondant before it’s ready to use?

There are many different ways for Cake Artists to knead their fondant. “To each their own” however we suggest to knead FondX using a stress free “pretzel” method that we teach. (Please take a moment to watch our Instructional Fondant Video to learn more).

When rolling out FondX, should I use powdered sugar or cornstarch?

When rolling out FondX using a rolling pin, we suggest to use a minimal amount of powdered confectioner’s sugar.

How do I color FondX?

It is easy to color your own FondX to make your own fondant colors using a gel-based food coloring. We strongly suggest using Americolor Soft Gel Food Colors. Do not use “liquid” food colorings as it will alter the consistency of the fondant. When adding color, start by adding small amounts at a time to your fondant, and knead well until you achieve the desired color. If you would rather not mix colors yourself, use our pre-colored FondX available in a variety of vibrant colors.

How do I make my FondX stiffer/harder?

There are many occasions where you may need or prefer your FondX to be stiffer, tackier, or may need it to dry faster and harder. Or at times in the middle of the summer during warm months, some prefer more body in the FondX. You can adjust the FondX to be stiffer by adding a portion of CMC: Fondant Stabilizer powder to the FondX in small amounts (start with 1 tsp/1 lb FondX) and knead thoroughly into the fondant. After kneading, allow the fondant to rest for 15-30 min and the fondant will achieve more gum paste like consistency. This mixture is ideal for making flowers, ruffles, bows and figures that dry quickly within a few hours.

How do I make my FondX softer/flexible?

There are also many occasions when you may need or prefer your FondX to be softer or more flex-able. Or at times during the cold winter months, some prefer a softer body for the FondX to work with it easier. There are a few different ways to soften your FondX. We suggest to place the FondX nearby a working oven to slowly warm and soften the fondant. Or remove the FondX from the pail (keep the protective plastic bag on) and apply a hairdryer slowly around the fondant, and the heat will slowly warm and soften up the fondant.

In cases where the FondX is very stiff from extended air exposure we suggest to first try and knead in a generous amount of high ratio shortening and this will slowly add moisture to the FondX. For more extreme cases, you may try and placing a steamer to the dry FondX. The steam will slowly break down the hard fondant and soften.

Can I steam FondX?

Yes you can steam your FondX to add a shiny and glossy finish.

Can I flavor FondX?

Yes you can add powered and liquid flavors to your FondX to add delicious flavor. Be cautious of the amount of liquid flavors added as liquids will begin to change the consistency of the FondX. Add in small portions. You can also flavor the FondX using Icing Genius by kneading a portion into the fondant.

Storing Your FondX Fondant & Covered Cakes 

Should I refrigerate my finished cake?

We strongly suggest to refrigerate your covered FondX cakes, especially cakes made with dairy based fillings or creams. Don’t be afraid to refrigerate your fondant cakes. It is best to place your decorated cake in a cake box first to keep out the condensation from touching the cake. You can also pre wrap your cake in plastic wrap as well. Most standard refrigerators (and high traffic fridges) have high humidity which causes water droplets to form on the decorated cake, which will possibly cause colors to bleed. The sweating of the cake occurs when the cake is taken out of the fridge and thawing. To better avoid sweating, remove the cake from the fridge several hours before and place a fan in the room to improve drying time, but not too close to the cake.

How do I store FondX?

To store your FondX Rolled Fondant we suggest to place your leftovers in 2 ziploc bags to ensure freshness and place back into the airtight FondX pail. Exposure to air the enemy of rolled fondant, storing in airtight environments is best to prolong life. You can store up to 12 months after first use. FondX can also be placed in the fridge or freezer. You can learn to store and transport your decorated cake by watching our short Cake Box Tutorial only 3:30 min)

Can I refrigerate FondX?

Yes you may refrigerate your FondX or leftover FondX to prolong shelf life. When removing the FondX from the refrigerator first allow the FondX to come back to room temperature before use.

Can I freeze FondX?

Yes you may freeze your FondX or leftover FondX to prolong shelf life. When removing the FondX from the freezer first allow the FondX to come back to room temperature before use.

What is the shelf life of FondX?

The FondX shelf life is 12 months.

I decorated my cake with colored fondant and left it out, and the color has begun to fade. What happened?

We strongly recommend to cover your covered cakes with a cake box. Some colors such as Pinks and Purples by nature tend to fade with extended exposure to UV rays in fluorescent light & sunlight. This is a natural occurrence of the characteristics of red food coloring. We also suggest to store your fondant in a dark area away from light to prolong the color as well. If the color of your stored fondant begins to fade over time, simply knead it and the color with come alive again.

FondX Quality Assurance 

Caljava stands behind FondX's Quality Policy:

As a producer of quality fondant products, the Management and Employees are committed to ensuring that FondX Rolled Fondant is recognized as the leading brand in the marketplace.

This status has been achieved by providing customers with quality products and services that meet customer expectations and represent good value. Caljava ensures that all food quality, food safety, and regulatory requirements are satisfied.

Caljava will continue to provide quality products by constantly reviewing and improving our ingredients and procedures.

The continuing commitment and contribution of all of our employees is essential to the pursuit of this policy. Caljava supports a work culture that encourages employees to interact fully to promote the improvement of our products.