Frequently Asked Questions

Castle Cake Toppers

Are the Castle Cake Toppers edible?

The Castle Cake Toppers are made of a lightweight styrofoam and are not edible. They are intended for decorative purposes only.

How do I use my Castle Cake Topper?

There are many different ways that a Castle Cake Topper can be used, the most common way is to place it on top of the cake as a cake topper. This works perfectly for princess cakes and girls cakes.

Can I airbrush my Castle Cake Topper?

The most common way to decorate the Castle Cake Toppers is by using an airbrush. Start by spraying from afar with light layers. The key is to spray layer by layer, little by little. Be patient.

How do I decorate my Castle Cake Topper?

There are many different ways to decorate the Castle Cake Toppers for your cakes. The easiest way is by piping icing accents with icing, along with coloring details using markers, and spraying color or pearl with an airbrush.

What is the Castle Cake Topper made of?

The Castle Cake Toppers are made of a high quality thin styrofoam, glue, and royal icing details.

How are they made?

Each Castle Cake Topper is individually shaped by hand using glue. The styrofoam allows for beautiful and extravagant designs while also being very light weight for topping off any type of cake.

Are they lightweight?

The Castle Cake Toppers are extremely lightweight since they are made only of styrofoam and glue. They weigh only a few ounces.

How are they packaged?

Each Castle Cake Topper is completely preassembled, and is packed in an individual box with added padding for protection.

Do they ship safely?

The Castle Cake Toppers do ship safely. Once you receive it, simply remove and place it on top of the cake.

Do they come with lights inside?

A few of the Castle Cake Toppers designs do include lights as added affect for the castle. The castles with the item code ending with “L” are the lighted castles.

Can I cut my castle into separate pieces and build my own unique castle?

Yes each Castle Cake Topper can be either cut or unassembled to be made into a larger castle, or more of a custom castle design to your liking.

What are the most popular Castle Cake Topper designs?

The most popular Castle Cake Toppers are Castle 8, Castle 15, Steeple 1, and Castle 12.

What types of cake designs are the Castle Cake Toppers used for?

The Castle Cake Toppers are most commonly used for Princess Cakes for girls cakes. Lately they have been often used for making the Disney themed “Frozen” Cakes, airbrushed blue with some sparkle or Disco Dust. They can also be used for bridal cakes or even Wedding Cakes.

Can I reuse my Castle Cake Topper?

The Castle Cake Topper can most definitely be reused. It is made of styrofoam, and can be wiped clean. It is very common to “rent out” the Castle with the cake, and have the castle returned and used on another cake order. It can also be saved as a souvenir.

How long will the Castle Cake Topper last?

The Castle Cake Topper will last virtually forever, simply store it away for direct sunlight and moisture.

How do I store my Castle Cake Topper?

It is best to store the Castle Cake Topper in its original box or an appropriate sized box, and keep away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Can I use my Castle Cake Topper for other purposes?

The Castle Cake Topper is great for decorating tables for parities, or for added princess details to a girl’s room or party.

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