Bronwen Arrives in Paradise - CAKE TRAVELS #1

Bronwen & her husband Fancois finally arrive in the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Beginning her long adventure in Bali, she looks back at her past & her connection with the country of Indonesia.


Bronwen Explores Local Bakery Treats - CAKE TRAVELS #2

Bronwen visits a small bakery in Bali, exploring through all of the local treats.

The Delicious Dirty Duck - CAKE TRAVELS #3

Bronwen enjoys a delicious traditional fried duck with all of the trimmings & spices.


Bronwen Visits the Rice Terraces - CAKE TRAVELS #4

Bronwen discovers the legendary valley of ancient Rice Terraces & takes some time to take in its glory.

Bronwen Visits an Outdoor Bakery - CAKE TRAVELS #5

Bronwen visits another local bakery in Bali: Monique's Cakes & Tart. She tries different cakes and discovers a new type of bakery experience.


Bronwen Encounters Wild Monkeys - CAKE TRAVELS #6

So what happens when you throw a Cake Designer in the jungle with some bananas??? Follow Bronwen as she meets Bali's cute & imaginative monkeys in the Monkey Forest.


The Spicy Sate Feast - CAKE TRAVELS #7

Bronwen and Francois enjoy a delicious and authentic Indonesian Sate meal


Bronwen Tries poop Coffee (Kopi Luwak) - CAKE TRAVELS #8

Bronwen has a cup of one of the most expensive and exotic coffee varieties made of a special part of a Civet (a raccoon type animal) Delicious!


Exotic Fruits and Shopping - CAKE TRAVELS #9

Bronwen tries all different types of exotic fruits and learns how to bargain.


Bronwen visits Ixora Bakery - CAKE TRAVELS #10

Bronwen visits Ixora Bakery in Bali to find that it is very similar to her own bakery. Watch as she tries some of their cakes and compares designs.


Crazy Traffic and Francois the Stone Artist - CAKE TRAVELS #11

Bronwen experiences crazy Indonesian traffic and the many uses of a motorcycles. And Francois finds a new calling and appreciation in Stone Carving.


Last Night in Bali and Dinner at Jimbaran - CAKE TRAVELS #12

Bronwen enjoys her last night in Bali with an amazing seafood dinner on the beach with friends before she heads to Jakarta to teach her 3D Man Cake.


Bronwen heads to Jakarta and a Chocolate Shop - CAKE TRAVELS #13

Bronwen leaves beautiful Bali for the big city of Jakarta, Indonesia. Her first stop was an amazing specialty Chocolate Shop where she tries interesting chocolates and some amazing coffee.


Bronwen visits the Harvest Bakery & prepares for class - CAKE TRAVELS #14

Bronwen visits one of Jakarta's new bakeries, The Harvest. She and Francois try all of the famous treats and explain how they rate their cakes


Bronwen's 3d Standing Bear Cake Class - CAKE TRAVELS #15

Bronwen starts teaching her class of 55 students how to make a free standing 3D Bear Cake


3D Man Cake Class/ Series Finale - CAKE TRAVELS #16

Bronwen asks her students to let loose and be creative with their BMAN stand and is amazed with the results. It is also time to say goodby to Indonesia and head back to Dallas, TX.