Bon Ton Tray

by Alcas
SKU 270101040

Clear Individual Portion Tray for desserts and other small culinary creations.  Present your beautiful dessert creations with this is classy Bon Ton Tray.  A great way to present small individual appetizers and hors d'oeuvre.

Perfect for Pastries, they elevate the look of desserts to a higher level, even being made of plastic. Their classy clear look draws more attention than a typical platter would.

Color: Clear |  Made in Italy  |  Made of Plastic

These Bon Ton Trays have matching Clear Bon Ton Tasting Spoons as well, sold separately.  Click to shop Tasting Spoons.

600 pieces per case

Product of Alcas  |  Sold only by the case  |  Exempt from discounts

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