Acrylic Icing Buttercream Scraper Set of 3

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Now you can frost sharp buttercream edges on your cake.  Here are the tools you need to achieve smooth icing and sharp corners on your buttercream cakes.  A set of 3 most useful scraper sizes: 6",8", & 10".  Lacupella's professional icing scrapers are made of clear acrylic.  It is solid and comfortable to hold with a tapered sharp edge to smooth the icing effortlessly.  The 3/16 inch Clear Solid Acrylic is food safe and easy to clean.  Works well when used with Acrylic Icing Disks.

Includes 3 Sizes: Small 6" x 4.5" x .2"  - Medium 8" x 4.5" x .2"  - Large 10" x 4.5" x .2"

*please remove the protective film cover before use.

*excluded from discounts - not eligible for express shipping or local pick up.

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