Acrylic Icing Buttercream Comb - Set of 3 (Set A)

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Now you can frost perfect and professional icing patterns on tall cakes.  These Acrylic Icing Combs provide beautiful patterns when used as a scraper when frosting your buttercream cakes.  Achieve that detailed "ribbon" or layered look with these versatile patterned icing combs.  Includes 3 tall 12" acrylic combs that feature 6 different patterns, giving you a variety of options.  These icing combs are made of food safe acrylic, laser-cut to precision giving you sharp and deep icing patterns.  The 12" height allows for you to ice tall cake tiers, not limiting your options.  Very easy to use and clean for repeated everyday use.

Includes 3 Designs - Comb Size: 12" x 4.5" x 0.11"

*please remove the protective film cover before use.

Works well when used with Acrylic Icing Disks.

*excluded from discounts - not eligible for express shipping or local pick up.


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