Ready-to-Pour Mirror Glaze - Clear 2.5 kg

by Vizyon
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Size: 2.5 kg (2500g)  |  Colors: Clear  |  Flavor: Neutral

Decorate your cakes and desserts with the Ready-to-Pour Mirror Glaze.  A mirror glaze specially formulated to easily pour straight out of the jar.  Achieve that glassy mirror glaze look on your cakes and pastries, simply pour and smooth out as needed.  Provides a spectacular crystal outer glaze to your fruits, tarts, danishes, pastry products & can even be poured on to cover cakes. It’s great for cheesecakes, mousse cakes, & birthday cakes.  Additionally the glaze once applied acts as a protective coating for your fruits such as bananas to preserve their color and prevent from browning.

Directions for Glazing:  Pour or scoop out Glaze using a spoon or brush directly on to your fruit, pastries, tarts, & cakes. Then with a brush or a spatula to achieve a smooth texture. It can also be colored beautifully with soft gel colors & even luster & petal dust colors.

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