10 Bunches of Hydrangeas and Leaves - Blue


Symbolizing both gratefulness and pride, these beautiful blue Hydrangea bunches are made individually by hand, making sure that each of these bunches are so unique and special.  Hydrangea gum paste flowers offer a way of decorating cakes hassle free for both professional and amateur decorators.  Each of these Hydrangea bunches are attached to a group of bendable wires and floral tape, that made them easy to apply on any type of cakes.  Achieve a realistic appearance and make your cake transform into a stunning art piece.

Includes:  10 bunches per box (5 of each size; Large bunch contains 16 flowers / Small bunch 12 flowers)

Approximate Size:  3" x 3" (small), 4" X 4.5" (large) 

Color:  Light Blue with a hint of lavender center

Disclaimer: Non-Edible; For Decoration Purposes Only. Not to be treated as food consumption.

Helpful Hint: Compliment with a wide range of gum paste flowers or leaves, like Hydrangea Leaves 


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