Acrylic Script Stencils - Letters & Numbers

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Cake decorating Acrylic Stencils that make beautiful letters and numbers on your cakes, cupcakes and edible foods.  These stencils are precise, easy to use and yields impressive results.  Features a classic upper case and lower case Calligraphy Script font 1.5 inches tall.  Made of high quality food grade plastic for professional use and repeat every day use.  Perfect for creating initialed cookies, fondant cakes, writing Happy Birthday on you cakes and more.  Works with edible dusts, airbrush colors, all icings and more.

Stencil Size:  11" x 6"  |  Character Size:  1.5 inches  |  Font:  Calligraphy Script

Product of Lacupella  |  Excluded from discounts  |  Not eligible for express shipping or local pick up.

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