Somerset Dough & Fondant Sheeter 10" (CDR-100)


The Somerset Dough and Fondant Sheeter makes time and labor-intensive dough and cake fondant rolling easy and pays for itself by lowering production costs no matter the application.

This 10" Sheeter is the smallest of the family and performs all of the tasks in a smaller workspace.  Designed to perform well in kitchens where workspace is at a premium.

Using this Fondant Sheeter allows you to instantly roll out sheets of fondant up to 10 inches in diameter to a uniform thickness in seconds.

This also the perfect Dough Sheeter to make:

- Pie Crusts, Pastry, Danishes, Pizza Dough, Pasta, Cinnamon Rolls, Donuts, & Fondant.

We also understand that this Fondant Sheeter is a long term business investment, and have partnered with a trusted lender to make financing your Somerset Fondant Sheeter available.  Please click the application below to apply for financing.


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