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  • Closed Scallop Serrated Crimper Tool by PME

Closed Scallop Serrated Crimper Set


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Crimpers are designed to create patterns, emboss, decorate and enhance freshly rolled out or molded gumpaste and rolled fondant.  It is the easy tool to quickly add a crimped border on your rolled fondant cake.

Simply adjust the black "O" Ring along the crimper to obtain the desired width of the pattern.  Then press the crimper head into the fondant and gently squeeze the crimper together.  Then release and remove the crimper.  Adjusting pressure & size of crimper opening provides and endless amount of design variations.

Sizes: .5" and .75"

Includes: 1 Large Crimper and 1 Small Crimper

A Quality Product of PME.

Made in England

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