Welcome to the new CaljavaOnline.com!

We are incredibly excited to welcome you to the new and improved CaljavaOnline.com, where you’ll notice we have made a lot of additions and improvements to better your Caljava experience.

We are forever grateful for all of our wonderful customers and visitors, for all your constant support and encouragement in our company and in our products.  It is because of your continued enthusiasm and constructive feedback that has inspired us to create a more enjoyable and valuable online shopping experience for you.  To show our gratitude, we proudly present our brand new website and the new features that we know you’ll love.

A few of the new features:

  • Caljava Loyalty Points:  Now with every purchase you will earn 1 Loyalty Point for every $1 spent, in which you can cash in towards your next purchase.  There are also several other ways you can earn points by following us on @Caljava social media, birthday rewards, and completing surveys.
  • Wishlist:  Save your favorite products to remember, so you can return and purchase them at a later date.  You can also share your wishlist with your friends and family.
  • What’s New:  We are always creating and offering new cake products.  Visit our What’s New page to stay up to date with the launch of new flowers, tools, and other products.
  • Shop Instagram:  Like what you see on Instagram?  Now you can shop right from our Instagram feed.  Just view the post and shop through the link in the description.
  • Blog:  Keep in touch with new tips and tricks, cake news, cake events, product features, and much more in our new Blog.
  • Free Shipping with orders of $100 or more. (*restrictions apply)

Please spend some time getting to know the new site and the new features.  We encourage you to contact us if you experience any issues or complications.  Our website is built off of customer feedback and we aim to continue to improve.


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