Transporting Your Cakes

Transporting your finished cakes is a crucial, but often overlooked part of the cake decorating process.  It’s not a great experience to spend countless hours perfecting a specific cake design that you are most proud of, only to have it become damaged or ruined during the delivery.

One of the first suggestions when transporting your cakes, is to box and transport the cake in separate tiers.  For example if the cake is a 3 tier design, box and transport each tier separately (if possible) in their own box, to allow for easy and safe stacking in the car.  Transporting a stacked cake is never an easy task.  Sharp turns and quick stops are more likely to affect the cake if it is stacked tall.  Also, if you are delivering in a smaller car or sedan, the car may not accommodate the height of a 3 tier cake, but it can hold your cake in separate pieces laid flat in the trunk.  So if at all possible, design your cake to be transported in individual tiers. 

It’s also always helpful to have a fresh “First Aid Cake Kit” in the car with every delivery.  This is an emergency kit for those “ohhh crap” situations when you arrive at the venue and there is a finger imprint on the side of your buttercream cake, or a sugar flower unglued and fell off during the drive.  So when possible, try and put together some bare necessities to help get you out of those “tough” situations.  Some of the useful things to have in your “First Aid Kit” could be:

  • - Piping bag with tips & couplers for quick piping
  • - Extra buttercream
  • - The cake’s matching food color
  • - Spatula
  • - Extra Fondant
  • - Piping gel for gluing decorations back on to the cake
  • - Extra sugar flower or spray to cover any major problems
  • - Extra cake dowels for when the cake needs a little more support

Every cake design has different needs, but the idea is to bring a few extra tools and materials that could get you though the cake delivery on those days that things aren’t quite going your way. 


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