Removing Fondant from your Dummy Cake

Dummy cakes are great for display and for practice, but after a while those dummy cakes start to add up and take up all of your available space.

Here's a quick and easy way to remove the fondant from your cake dummy without damaging the integrity of it's shape.

  1. Cover your dummy with vegetable shortening as your "crumb coat."  The shortening will provide sufficient hold for your fondant.  This is the key in keeping the fondant easily removable
  2. After complete use of your dummy cake, and once you are ready to remove the the fondant and recycle your dummy, simply microwave your dummy (if possible) for only 5 seconds (any longer and the dummy will melt).  If the dummy size is larger than your microwave, a steamer will work as well to soften the fondant.
  3. To remove the fondant, flip the cake over and with a spatula or your fingers, carefully start to peel off the fondant from your foam dummy.  Pull away carefully so that you don't damage the shape of your dummy.
  4. Run the naked foam dummy under hot water and allow to dry before reusing it.
  5. Now you have a freshly recycled cake dummy to redecorate or practice with.


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