Recycling your FondX pails

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who uses FondX Rolled Fondant for all of their cake designs.  And we know that over time those fondant pails can start to accumulate and take up space.  For most, extra storage space is hard to come by, but it’s also hard to just throw away good quality storage containers.  So we did some research and experimented with some creative ways to reuse our FondX Pails:


Over the years we’ve also talked to FondX users about what they do with their empty pails after they’ve made their cakes.  There have definitely been some interesting ideas of how to recycle old FondX pails.  Here are some of the examples they’ve shared:

  • - Perfect size to marinate a whole chicken overnight.
  • - Their pets, it’s a great size for food
  • - As a home for smaller reptiles
  • - Great for gardening needs or as a flower pot
  • - Perfect for storing food or ingredients
  • - Useful to those who go fishing
  • - Fits a lot of children's small toys
  • - 2lb pails are a great shape and size to store and dispense ribbons (see video)
  • - If you're in a pinch, works as a lunch box ;)

There are tons of ways to recycle your FondX pails.  We’d love for you to share your ideas with us too.  Feel free to post a picture of your idea and tag #FondX so we can see it!  Now go out there and collect your pails and if you don’t need them, there are tons of people from different industries (ex. Farmers) who could definitely make use of them.


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