Moana was a Disney force that we all experienced.  Following the coat tails of the children's hit movie, Frozen, Moana is one of the most popularly demanded cake designs of the past 2 years.  The tropical Hawaiian theme allows for a lot of flexibility and creativity to make a replica Moana Cake.  There are several different types of designs, but we came across one 3D cake sculpture that really took our breath away.  This was the first Moana Cake that made me stop and look, and stop and look again.  The small details and vibrant colors make it look like this cake came right out of the Moana movie.  I still can't believe how exact to detail this Moana Cake is.  Really blew me away.  Hopefully this sparks some ideas and encouragement that offering Disney Cakes is good for business.  Share with us any of your Moana Cake designs, we'd love to see all of the different takes on it.

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