How do you cut and serve your cakes?

There are a lot of different ways that cakes can be cut and served to everyone who loves to eat cake.  It's pretty easy to cut square and sheet cakes because of their square shape.  Most like to make long grid like cuts to make proportionate slices for everyone.  However there seems to have always an ongoing debate of how to cut and serve round cakes.  Due to it's round shape, the popular strategy is to cut triangle slices, just like the preverbal "piece of cake" or "slice of pie."  Slicing of the triangle pieces are not always the easiest to cut, particularly if it seems like there is more people than cake to go around the room.  Here's a creative way to make cutting a round cake easy and systematic.  Cut straight long cuts and use a cutting board to help keep the structure of the long cake slices in tact, then lay the cut down and cut further into smaller rectangular pieces.   (Note: use a serrated knife to cut the cake, especially for fondant cakes).  Hope you like this different way to serve your round cakes.  Remember, there's always more ways to improve your process!


🍰 How do you serve your cakes?

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