Go All the Way with Your Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a popular choice for Birthdays, Holidays and even Weddings.  I'm sure for most, cupcakes are "easy-peazy" but they don't always bring in enough profit margin as cakes do.  So in order to keep pushing for cupcakes to be a better item for you, begin to seek for ways that will add value to the over all delivered product. 

Presentation is the main area of improvement for most cakes and cupcakes.  This could amount to more advanced decorations and toppers on each cupcake, which can either be made by you with some gumpaste or fondant or even royal icing toppers. Shop Royal Icing Toppers and Fondant Cupcake Toppers.  Shop Royal Icing Toppers>    Shop Cupcake Toppers >

Another often neglected area of the cupcake value is in the final presentation, in other industries they consider this merchandising. 

This area amounts to the decisions in baking cups that the cupcakes are baked in.  Foil baking cups tend to withstand the rigors of the oven best, and are available in many vibrant colors.     Shop Baking Cups >

The table presentation is also very important, the way the cupcake is served holds all of the final push to translate it's true value.  Professional cupcake stands are a great way to lay out your cupcakes without taking up too much table space but just laying out the cupcakes on the table or serving dish.  Give your cupcakes some presence and height by placing them on a cupcake stand.  This stand structure brings the compromise between having a cake or cupcakes closer.  The tall structure gives the illusion of having a cake (without actually having a cake.)  Simply share the option with your client explaining all of the added value that a stand brings to the overall presentation and feel, and charge for the stand with added profit margin.  This creates a new way to raise your value without raising prices on your cupcakes.  These little additions will help improve the health of your items in your business.      Shop Cupcake Stands >


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