Glam Ribbons: Add Bling to Your Cake

One of the most popular looks for cake designs is as some would say the "BLING BLING LOOK" or possibly the "BLING'D OUT LOOK."  From the beginning of time, shiny and sparkly effects have always been desired and has always portrayed a look of great value or desire.  Now it's very easy for you to add the same BLING effect to your cake designs by using Glam Ribbons.  Glam Ribbons are a non-edible decorative ribbon that has small gem like inverted stones that give it this diamond look.  Simply trim the Glam Ribbon to your desired height and wrap it around your cake's base or cake drum as a decorative ribbon.  Using the Glam Ribbon makes completing the cake's boarder very quick and easy, no more piping boarders or shaping them out of fondant.  And when your are ready to serve the cake, simply remove the ribbon first, then begin cutting.  Treat the Glam Ribbon just the same as you would a fabric ribbon.  Works great when decorating a fondant cake or buttercream cake.  Even use the ribbon to decorate the cake board.  Watch this quick video of how Glam Ribbons work to decorate any type of cake.


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