10 Decorating Hacks

1. Need the perfect column or log? Use a fondant smoother. The handle lets you easily control pressure, while the flat surface ensures that your column will be smooth and even all around.

2. Sprinkling powdered sugar or cornstarch can be messy. Fill a new sheer stocking with powdered sugar or cornstarch. Tie the end of the stocking tightly and lightly dust surfaces before rolling fondant.

3. Those tiny lustre dust powders can be a pain to open. Try using a bottle opener. You’ll find that the lid is the perfect bottle cap size and your fingernails will thank you.

4. Ever tried lightly steaming fondant with a steamer? Steaming makes fondant glossy, aids in smoothing out the fondant surface, and helps get rid of small cracks, fingerprints, pin holes, and excess powdered sugar or cornstarch. Adding that small amount of moisture also helps set lustre dust.

5. Keep those cakes moist by adding simple syrup. Boil a 1:1 ratio of sugar and water over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Allow syrup to cool and use a pastry brush to apply to your cake.

6. Things can get slippery in the kitchen especially when you’re icing or adding décor to a cake. In these cases, non-slip mats are a decorator’s best friend. Don’t worry about purchasing pre-cut mats. You can easily make any shape or size mat by purchasing a large roll of non-slip mat. And the best part is that it’s re-useable.

7. Forgot to get that stick of butter out of the fridge? Add hot water to a glass and let sit for a couple minutes until the glass is warm to the touch. Pour the water out and place cup upside down over the butter. You’ll have room temperature butter in just a minute.

8. Need some buttermilk? Say no more. Grab that plain yogurt in your fridge and mix with a little milk or water until you have a buttermilk-like consistency.

9. Get a good support system. Old-fashioned wood dowels or solid plastic pegs can push the cake out at the bottom and cause tiers to become uneven. Try poly-dowels or even smoothie straws. These hollow dowels allow the cake to pass right through the middle while giving good support.

10. Refilling piping bags can be a mess. Try placing the bag into a tall cup and folding down the bag around the cup. Now you’ve got both hands free to add your frosting.

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